Friday, October 18, 2013

Ta-da!...I'm Back!

After an exact 5-month absence BOOKFABULOUS is now officially back to business as usual. The reason for the absence is, as some of you are well aware, is my recent relocation from London to Abu Dhabi. A relocation which has had its fair share of ups and downs. I will not bore any of you with the details suffice to say that things are normal enough for me to sit down and write. I have run out of excuses not to really especially that my writing desk, a really cool piece bought me by my darling better half on one of his recent travels, has finally arrived.

So although too busy to report in, I'm never too busy to read; something I can do standing on my head if challenged. And so in the next few weeks I will be bringing you loads of book reviews and book news in an attempt to get through the backlog and make up for lost time. 

This is usually the time when I start recommending books to curl up with in front of a burning fire or to take to a warm bed on a wintery night. So, this is where it all feels weird for me now for although the UAE is officially in its Autumn season, temperatures remain relatively high (in the 30s) and humidity although should be dropping this time of year, still hovers around 62%. But I will try my best to review a wide variety of fantastic titles to suit a wider audience.

With relocation comes change and this will undoubtedly manifest itself in this blog as well. I am taking this opportunity of living in the Middle East to explore famous Arab authors who enjoy an International platform as well as lesser known Arab authors who have yet to be translated into any other language. I will try to do that through as many interviews and possible author contributions on this blog as possible (fingers crossed!). I feel this is a great opportunity to widen the readership of this blog while reaching out to readers in the region offering those who are interested a platform to discuss books and book matters. Of course I am not alone in this and there are pretty well established blogs who do the same thing that I do but we all have different perspectives and different ways of doing things and I am hoping that BOOKFABULOUS will bring that bit extra to the table. I also appeal to book bloggers, authors , book lovers and readers to connect with this blog and hopefully we can all work together to create something magnificent and worthwhile.

Another change is that BOOKFABULOUS will be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (which is the first day of the weekend in the Middle East). Of course, you can continue to connect with BOOKFABULOUS on a daily basis through the Twitter account @RanaAsfour or email me at

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to stress that this is an independent blog written by myself in a manner and style that I see fit and appropriate (my blog, my rules!). The views are my own and in no way affiliated with any organisation/s or individual/s other than myself. This is mainly a book blog but there are times when I'd like to write about other things (hence the 'and more' in the blog's title). So, for anyone who has a problem with what I write or takes offence then you have three options:

1. Re-read the above paragraph.
2. Get in touch (twitter, email, comments) and tell me nicely what your problem is and I will happily take your comment/s into consideration. BOOKFABULOUS encourages all points of view and is very liberal and open-minded. However, be warned: abusive or inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Ever! Keep it clean!
3. Simply leave and never visit again. I'll be sad to see you go but I'll live.

It feels great to be back. See you Monday!

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