Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arab Authors Making Headlines!

I was very upset to read yesterday that yet again Youssef Ziedan is under attack for his writings in Egypt and has been facing a series of interrogations by Egypt's Supreme State Security Prosecution. The author of 'Azazeel' now accustomed to controversy constantly accompanying his work has not let the latest series of events dampen his spirits though. On the contrary the latest interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper proves that he is defiant as ever. The interview, in Arabic, can be read HERE.

Thank God for cousins! One of the many I've got around the globe (lost count of how many they are really) sent me this YouTube link for a short movie called 'The Best in West About Islam'. The title is misleading somewhat in that the movie highlights the Islamic achievements (in architecture and even flying) in the Middle Ages as opposed to Islam as a religion. It is beautifully done and I do recommend it as an eye opener and a gentle reminder that the Middle Ages weren't so dark after all. Here is the LINK.

Lastly, according to Shereen El Feki, author of 'Sex & the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World' the sexual revolution will never happen in the Arab World. In fact the half-Egyptian, half-Welsh writer believes that the Arab World seems to be more conservative now than ever with regards to sexual freedom, virginity, abortion and views on homosexuality. Why? El Feki sheds light on the matter in a video on The Guardian's website. To view that, click HERE.

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