Monday, June 18, 2012

Is That GNURR In Your Pocket?

The Book: Ounce Dice Trice
The Author: Alastair Reid
The Illustrator: Ben Shahin

What some of the blurb on the back says:
... Poet Alastair Reid introduces children and adults to the wondrous waywardness of words in Ounce Dice Trice, a delicious confection and a wildly unexpected exploration of sound and sense and nonsense that is like nothing else. Reid offers light words (willow, whirr, spinnaker) and heavy words (galoshes, mugwump, crumb), words on the move and odd words, words that read both ways and words that read the wrong way around (razegrats), along with much else. ... a book of endless delights, not to mention the only place where you can find the answer to the question: What is a gongoozler? Well, all I can say is quoz?

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