Friday, May 04, 2012


I am writing this after completing my morning run (smug smug!). Why is this a big deal and worth a mention? Because although running may come naturally to some, for years I have struggled with issues related to running. I start with good intentions and then slowly I lose interest, feel despondent and end up where I always do: the couch!

But, (and this calls for a capitalised BUT) things have changed. Since February I have diligently stuck to my running program missing not one scheduled run come rain or shine (except for the week I had my mouth and eyebrows tattooed with permanent makeup but that should be self explanatory) and wait for this... I am actually having a good time.

So what happened? Well, a friend at school recommended reading Run Fat Bitch Run by Ruth Field and I tell you with hand on heart if you are seriously thinking you'd like to take on running and are hesitant and keep putting it off then this is the book for you. Field had me from the title. This is a no-nonsense approach to get out there and just do it. No ifs, no buts but lots of whys you should. I used this as a bible and have now managed to hit my 10k, a feat I never imagined possible. Go Me!

Running aside, this week I've enjoyed reading Michael Morpurgo's Letter for Carlos, a short story published in The Guardian. Please take a look at this and do read it to your child. It is an opportunity to teach children and remind ourselves in the process to think outside the box and to always look at the world from different angles. My 9 year-old really enjoyed it and since he read Warhorse last month, he thinks Michael Morpurgo is "awesome!".

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