Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy January Resolution!

Happy New Year to us all but mainly a very Happy New Year I am hoping 2012 will bring. Reading yesterday's Observer it turns out that our brains are inherently programmed to see the bright side of things and even to believe that the choice we make is actually the correct one. Kind of like the brain insisting on the glass being half full. I could sit and disagree with the author, but then I thought you know what instead of disagreeing then let me this year believe that every decision I make is the correct one and that the end of this year WILL see me achieve what I want.

I must admit that I am sick and tired of New Year Resolutions that get taken (and repeated in my case like a mantra) each beginning of the year and then come March have melted faster than the fat I'd vowed to see melt by the same time from my thighs. So this year I won't make them. Instead I am making a resolution a month  and then making (adding) a new one the following month. This may seem insane but so far what I have been doing in the past - setting all those unrealistic goals and setting myself up for a fall each time - hasn't worked a bit, so I gather it can't harm to try something different.

So for my January resolution I am going to do the following:
1. Walk my son to school three times a week (it would do us both good).
2. Stick to my pro-points plan like glue (I'd signed up for Weight Watchers in December).
3. NOT weigh myself for the whole month of January (this is based on something I read a while back about the number on the scale not measuring up to your expectation making you inadvertently sabotage your diet. So no numbers is the new thing I will try this January (and this has to be the hardest thing I am ever going to do because I weigh myself daily).

So there it is folks. A resolution (guess there are three up there but they seem to be connected under a health theme so it kind of makes it OK somehow).

If you would like to read the Observer's article that inspired all this, click HERE. And I guess the book I will be downloading on my kindle is Tali Sharot's book, The Optimism Bias.


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