Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Date Night!

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The other day, trawling the internet, looking for inspiration for an article, I happened to come across a post on the importance of re-dating your spouse. According to Lisa-Jo Baker, author of 'Surprised by Motherhood' which will be released April 2014, the reasoning behind her idea is because 'between the dishes and the piles of unfolded laundry stacked across the bed and the kids who come in demanding attention, cookies, help with their homework there’s no room for conversation'. Sounds familiar? Well, it did to me and in a spur-of-the-moment enthusiasm, I decided that Mr. Fabulous and I were going on a date!

The stars must have been aligned and the heaven doors wide open to receive my shouts of where oh where could I go on a date that did not involve eating or drinking. This drama queen is on a diet (again) and rule number one is to stick to it because if I don't (yet again), the slump in my self esteem will make sure that the only date that will be happening is with my nutritionist crying my eyes out. But as I said, this date was destined to happen because Mrs C. called up with two tickets to spare to the Cavalia Show. It was official: Mr. Fabulous and I were definitely going on this date.

The stunning Qasr al Hosn where
we watched Cavalia
Euphoria over, sobriety settled in. So, what was this 'date' supposed to be like and how was it different to Mr. Fabulous and I nipping down together to the local store for some bread and milk? Back to the articles on the internet. Here was what I gathered: I had to dress up for this date (dress and heels preferable), wash my hair and apply make-up. In a nutshell, I had to put in the effort to re-create that 'first date' scenario of long ago. I had to forget being 'mother' and 'wife' and concentrate on being 'femme fatale' for the night. It also meant Mr. Fabulous's son was getting a pizza delivery so this mum could smell of roses and not the usual chicken nuggets.
The Cavalia Show

The White Big Top
FINALLY, after a resounding cry of 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' aimed at self in the mirror, with note to same self to schedule an emergency shopping spree with the girls, I settled, in typical me fashion, on the first outfit I'd initially planned to wear anyway. And off we went to what would prove a breathtaking memorable performance.

And was the date a success? Suffice to say that good girls never kiss and tell, or do they? ;)

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