Wednesday, June 13, 2012

11,002 things to be miserable about!

Hallelujah! The sun is out today in London. There is a bright, massive big sun smiling down at me. I swear it's smiling ;) Out and about, nearly EVERYONE seems to be feeling as chirpy as myself. You see, research has proven that the sun has both a psychological and a physiological effect on us. Suicide rates are higher come end of April when winter blues are at their highest. However, according to ITV1's Daybreak show this morning, the last few weeks' bad weather spell has without a doubt contributed to what experts are now calling the Summertime Blues. So, of course when a day like today brings the sun out in all its glory it is reason to rejoice and to flash the pearly whites!

Yet, of course, for those of a sour disposition who are unwilling to give up their grim countenance for anyone or anything and who refuse to concede that today is one of those occasions to feel happy and offer a grimace of sorts, we offer not one but 11,002 things for them to be miserable about.

Today's book is for ANYONE who feels that they MUST find something to be miserable about especially that grumbling about the weather is no longer an option today. The book aptly called '11,002 things to be miserable about' by Lia Romeo and Nick Romeo, I promise, will re-affirm all your reasons of why it's not really worth getting up in the morning. It is the antidote to optimism! It is a brilliant, funny read.

So what makes these authors miserable? Well, it seems that 11,002 things make them (and supposedly a lot of their friends) miserable. Mature bananas, sitting on a bee, kissing someone who's just eaten onions and falling asleep while giving/receiving oral sex are but a few of those things. So come on grumpy people, this book choice is worth at least a "Fake Smile". I am thinking of you after all.

Check out the book's website HERE.

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