Monday, January 09, 2012

To Be or Not To Be a Feminist? That is the Question. Or Is It?

What a weekend I've had. Brilliant time to myself yesterday vegetating on my Sunday Sofa (christened the name by son) and miraculously being able to read through all the Observer, and Saturday's Guardian paper. I also managed to finish reading How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. Stroke of fate should have it that Caitlin Moran's book coincided with the Guardian's main magazine story about female Tory MPs turning feminists. I know what you're thinking and probably Janet Street Porter has said it for you in today's Daily Mail, but seriously after reading Moran's book I am HAPPY and Comfortable calling myself a feminist.

Why declare it? Well because for so many years now the word feminist has been hijacked by women who I'd rather not have fighting The Battle for me. Caitlin sets everyone straight by what feminism is and should be. If you'd like a hint what this book is about then here it is in nutshell: If you want to have a boob job, go for it if it makes YOU happy and you are going for it for the right reasons and not to live out someone else's wet dream.

This is a hilarious book and you don't have to learn anything from it but you will. There are pages that had me snorting with laughter (waxing, menstruation and handbags) and others shedding bucket loads of tears (the chapter on her own abortion and her first pregnancy). It is a wonderful read and a very empowering book whether you agree with her ideas or not. It is also a dirty filthy book, the type of filth that you wish were more abundant in the real world.

Read this book and hold your judgement until the very last page. Then read it again and pass it on to each and every person you know. Men can benefit from this too!

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