Monday, September 20, 2010

The Book Bit: The Cool New Kid on the Block!

This summer if you've been keeping up with all things fabulous, you must have come across the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Well, this summer the whole fabulous family took a trip to LA and my fab son of eight got to see the movie there before it actually made it to the UK. He was hooked and thought it totally radical and funny (curiously enough I agreed). But the miracle this movie has produced in our household is that it has made my son want to read. How?

When we got back we came across the books at all the major booksellers around the place where we live. Five books are out already or four if you consider the Do It Yourself as a stand alone book. Anyway, Greg, the wimpy kid in the book has all the signs of a future cool dude that even in his wimpiness you just want to emulate. You feel sad for him and yet at times loathe him for his laziness and utter uselessness. Mind you we are talking about a boy in middle school who yet has a lot to learn and is also the middle one in a family of three brothers. Lacking in proper role models (his older brother Roderick is a musician in a loser band and is always getting his dad to do his homework for him), and his only off-on best friend Rowley is an only child a bit spoilt by his parents, he really has to make do with what he's got making the best out of some rubbish situations he gets himself into. (note: if you're looking for a role model for your child, I suggest you look elsewhere).

The books, or actually sophisticated comics, take us through the ups and downs of Greg Huffley's life where he wants us to see the world as he does and then gets frustrated when the adults just don't seem to get him. There are a lot of funny laughs in there and there's an opportunity for adults to learn a thing or two about not only being young but about being young in this day and age.

There are a lot of subjects that author Jeff Kinney touches upon, from first day back at school to family days out and dealing with younger and older siblings. It is light hearted yet poignant and relevant at the same time.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading them after I saw the interest they sparked in my son and was happy that Jeff Kinney had given something with which to bond with my son. The comics may be a bit daft at times but again as Greg puts it in the latest book, Dog Days, "At least we agree on the important stuff".

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